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Round Earth Society Women's T-Shirt

  • $ 26.95

I have this theory that the Earth is actually round, not flat. I know what you're going to say: What about what it says in the Bible? What about all the evidence put forth by celebrities and "InfoWars" viewers? And if the Earth were round, how come we don't just fall off?

All great arguments. But here me out. The other day I was on top of a mountain, contemplating what I should have for dinner, when it hit me: I can see much farther from up here. Then I started digging deeper. Turns out, there's these things called "time zones," which would only exist if the Earth were round. Then I googled "the Earth" and a photo of a round planet came up.


  • Neckline: scoop neck
  • Fit:  slim fitting, long and the lightweight fabric allows for stretch
  • Fabric Content: cotton/poly blend

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