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I've Heard Enough from Old White Men Men's T-Shirt

  • $ 26.95

Hey, fellas. Nope, over here! Can you see me? Put your bifocals on. There you go. Hi! Look, it's been a really interesting past thousand years or so, but I'm pretty sure you've had your say. Maybe it's time to head home and watch a Matlock marathon or something. Whadda ya say? I said "WHADDA YA SAY?!"

Nope, no need to come in tomorrow. Or ever again, really. I think we'll be fine without you. Seriously.


  • Neckline: crew neck
  • Fit: Fitted: not too baggy, not too tight
  • Fabric Content: 50/50 cotton/poly blend,
  • Sewn in Mexico
  • Screenprinted in California

By Headline Shirts


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