What's Your Sign? Our Sock Picks by Zodiac

It was written in the stars on the day you were born - you would grow up to be one fierce, badass human. At Get Bullish, our sock game is strong. Here's a list of our sock picks for every astrological sign.

What's yours?



Capricorns are known to be the work-horses of the zodiac. They are the masters of getting sh*t done, which is why we picked these "BO$$" socks that perfectly represent their drive.


Going against the grain, following unusual paths, and having a rebel heart is what an Aquarius is known for. Some may find them a bit complex at first, because they challenge the norm. This is why we picked the "I'M COMPLICATED, THANK YOU" socks for our Aquarians.


Like the water, Pisces make some serious waves. They are intuitive, empathetic, and extremely in-tune with their emotions. When you earn a Pisces affection, it is deep, intense, and everlasting, which is why we picked the "EYE <3 YOU SOCKS" for these special fish.


No one brings the party like the fierce fiery Aries. These social butterflies are definitely party animals, so we knew these socks were the right pair for them!



When it comes to being stubborn, there is no match for the Taurus. Tough on the outside, gentle on the inside we love Taureans for their determination. The "I'M A DELICATE FUCKING FLOWER" socks represent Taurean's ability to stay hard outside, but be vulnerable inside.


Geminis are known for juggling a multitude of hobbies, relationships, and careers. With such a wide variety of interests, Geminis can sometimes appear fickle and have trouble with decision making. 



Cancers feel everything, times ten. Make a Cancer happy, they cry. Make a Cancer mad, they cry. Cancers experience joy and pain deeper than anyone, which is both a blessing and a curse. We chose the "I <3 CRYING" socks for Cancers.


Leos are their own biggest fan. With a seemingly endless supply of confidence, Leos are straight-up magnetic. We chose the "I'M SO BEAUTIFUL" socks for these proud lions.


Dependability is one of our favorite qualities of a Virgo. Virgos are clever, meticulous, and strategic - always able to find the path to success. Our sock pick for Virgos read "I GOT THIS."


Libras are easy-going, a joy to be around, and have an amazing ability to make people around them feel comforted. We love Virgos for their relaxed outlook on life, which is why we think the "CHILL PILL" socks are perfect for them!


Scorpios live in their own head. True intellectuals, Scorpios love to dissect and understand the inner workings of the world around them. The "READ MORE BOOKS" socks are our pick for our favorite introverts.


Sagittarians are free-spirited, straight-forward, and hilarious. Their honest, no BS, light-hearted outlook on life is the reason we picked the "Fuck You Happy Face." socks for them.
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