Luxe Home Shopping Guide: Planters, Cast Iron, Quirky Decor


The Bullish Shop isn't just your source for feminist swag and funny socks – we, too, live in homes, and want them to be nice! But a little quirky. That's what we're about – elevate your life, but make it a little offbeat. Why is your planter shaped like a mole? I mean, why not?

Cast Iron Paper Towel Holders

What could exemplify this design sensibility like these cast iron animal paper towel holders? We like the cat butt one. Take the experience of a cat showing you its back entrance, and immortalize it in solid cast iron!











Vintage Style Magnifying Glasses

What are people doing with vintage style magnifying glasses in the year 2022? Well, first of all, they look cool as hell. You could just call it a decor item. But secondly, we all get older every day in our inexorble march towards mortality, and maybe we want to put off getting reading glasses for a few years, you know? Bonus points for pulling one of these out of your bag to read a restaurant menu.













Planters and Pots

The aforementioned mole planter. Get yourself some plants and get those plants someplace nice to live! Elevate your housewarming gifts by commanding others not to panic! Be organic!









Quirky Home Goods

Oh, we've got it all! Winged bookends! A refillable glass hand sanitizer bottle that strongly implies that you fly your sanitizer in from Paris! A tiny birdbath for your rings.























Let us bring some weird joy into your home with goods we've curated from far and wide!

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