Keep Your Hair Off Your Face In a Heat Wave With Soft Yoga Headbands – See All the Ways to Wear

Don't want to risk cutting your own bangs? Got some roots that are bumming you out? Just want to feel like your head is in a soft, warm hug? What you need are the best soft, no slip yoga headbands made of a thin, scrunchable fabric – and they can even double as (non-medical, obviously) face covers.

These stretchy sports headbands for women or anyone come in medium and ultra-wide – a wide workout headband can be scrunched to wear as a headband, arranged to cover ALL your hair, worn as a neck scarf, or pulled over your lower face – we can't believe we ever left home without one.

We asked @seanasteele to model for us – she's wearing the ultra-wide headband in Scales. 

How to Wear Karma Headbands

Put around your neck and pull up as a normal headband – scrunch fabric to cover as much of your hair as you like! You can also roll up like a scrunchie!

About Karma yoga headbands:

  • MULTIPLE WAYS TO WEAR: From the yoga studio to a night out, this headband is versatile enough to incorporate into any look or activity.
  • ONE SIZE FITS: This stretchy accessory measures 10" around to accommodate just about every head. It's also 19.5" L, so you can scrunch it, fold it, or stretch it, and cover whatever you want to cover.
  • DOUBLE USE: If you live in a cooler climate, this oversized headband also works as a great scarf, sitting closely to your neck for warmth.
  • WASHABLE: Made of 100% polyester microfiber, you can wash it in a washing machine with your other clothes.

Some people call them "sweatbands" or "sweat headbands," which, frankly ... I mean, sometimes you just want to type on your couch with your hair out of your face. 

How to Wear Karma Headbands as Face Mask

To wear as a face cover (non-medical, of course), put it around your neck and then pull up to cover your nose and ears. Are you always forgetting a mask and having to run back in the house for it? With these face coverings / buffs, it's easy to always keep your face cover with you – just push it up as a headband or down as a neck scarf when you don't need to cover your face. Very popular with runners!

Pro tip: For a great fit as a face mask for those with longer hair, make a ponytail or bun on the back of your head and hook the fabric over your hair.

The multiply-talented Seana did her own makeup and styling and took these photos herself with a tripod.

And to finish off the shoot, a few mermaid photos just for fun.


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