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Fem Power Gifts by GetBullish — stabby

Products for When You Feel Stabby

Posted by Jennifer Dziura on

Products for When You Feel Stabby

There come a point (get it?) when every feminist feels a bit stabby. Instead of sublimating your rage and frustration, channel it towards smashing the patriarchy and let everyone know to get out of your way!      On-Point Feminist Pencil Set The On-Point Feminist Pencil Set can help you stab the patriarchy with both words and—when necessary—sharpened pencils. Just kidding. I mean, kidding not kidding.   Destroy Necklace The Destroy Necklace. Destroy the patriarchy. Destroy procrastination. Destroy the competition.   Stabby Unicorn Ring   The original Stabby Unicorn Ring. For the days when you're feeling particularly bad ass, get...

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