Just a Few of Our Hundreds of Stocking Stuffers!

The tradition of hanging up a decorative sock for each member of the family and then Santa stuffing gifts in the socks is really ... well, a holdover from a simpler time, isn't? Remember in Little House on the Prairie when Laura was so thrilled to get her own tin cup? "Father, a peppermint stick and a penny, it's the best Christmas ever!"

If we're still hanging up the socks, we might as well fill 'em. Or, use these tiny gifts to remind faraway friends you're thinking of them. Anything that fits in a sock is probably also something you can tuck in a small package – or just have us send it to them direct (select "gift message" at checkout!)



Pen and Pencil Sets


Everybody uses pens and pencils, right? A great stocking stuffer for all, from people who like profanity to people who enjoy feeling like pretty pretty princess ballerinas when they write.


Department of Fuckery Pen Set in Black




Black Holiday Crown Pen Set of 12




Haute Lips Red Gem Pen Set of 6




Department of Fuckery Pencil Set in Black




Book Slut Pencil Set in Lilac




Secret Message Writing Set



Oxford Comma Fan Club Grammar Pencils



Parenting Funny  Pen Set on Gift Card



Adulthood Pen Set on Gift Card 




Enamel Pins


Who doesn't like to glam up your outfit a little more? Enamel pins go great on jean jackets, cardigans, totes, and more, and make cute, high quality stocking stuffers.


Moon Phase Cat Enamel Pin




Celestial Crow Enamel Pin




Say Perhaps to Drugs Enamel Pin





Coin Purses 


These little pouches are great for, you know, coins. But they also are the perfect size for earbuds, bobby pins, and so many of life other little necessities that just need a cute, lightweight container.



Weed Money Recycled Material Coin Purse




Hell Yeah I Live Beyond My Means Recycled Material Coin Purse 




I Am Not Buying It I'm Just Putting It In My Cart For Now Recycled Material Coin Purse 




Senior Discount Shit Is Pretty Sweet Recycled Material Coin Purse







Holiday season means eat eat eat. Don't forget to brush your teeth! Or to gift toothbrushes to your entire family as a helpful yet snarky reminder about dental hygiene.



All The Stars Out There and We're the Only Planet With People? Toothbrush




Can't Wait 'Til My Mouth Tastes Like Coffee Again Toothbrush





Hello Lovely Toothbrush




I Am Going To Do that Thing Today/Tomorrow Toothbrush





Sticky Notes


These sticky notes have retro styling and kicky sayings, and who doesn't need to stick reminders on things? We all do. The older we get, the more we need to stick reminders on things. When we remember to do so, that is.



Carpe The Hell Out Of This Diem Sticky Note




Don't Make Me Repeat Myself Sticky Notes




I'm Not Bossy, I Just Have Better Ideas Sticky Notes in Pink




They're Either A Blessin' Or A Lesson Sticky Notes in Purple



Just Over Here Adulting Sticky Notes



High Five Metallic Sticky Notes 




Refrigerator Magnets


The funniest f*cking refrigerator magnets in town! Also makes a statement on an office filing cabinet. We've got a lot more here.



Cat Lady For Life Magnet in White and Floral




Clean / Dirty (Slut) Dishwasher Magnet




As Soon As This Heating Pad Eases The Pain in My Back and The Ibuprofen Kicks In Magnet




Get in Motherfucker We're Going Motherfuckering Magnet




Friends Don't Judge Each Other Rectangular Magnet



Cher I Got You Babe Magnet



Besties Magnet 6 Pack



You Are Very Smart And Pretty



"Chick Magnet" Funny Handmade Magnet



Go Ahead Underestimate Me Rectangular Magnet



You Are Straight Up Gift To Humanity Magnet




Funny Hand Sanitizers


Hand sanitizer is a stocking stuffer anyone can use, and ours are sweary, sarcastic, or just jocular – making an everyday necessity a perfect stocking stuffer.



Because Some of You Bitches Don't Wash Your Motherfucking Hands Right Hand Sanitizer




I Just Sh*t In The Woods 2 oz Hand Sanitizer




Walkin' Around With Poop In My Hand Hand Sanitizer




What A Complete Shit Show Hand Sanitizer 







Everybody has keys, right? Keychains are a cute and welcome gift, and ours are wordy and funny.


Chateau Des Heaux Motel Style Keychain




Clear Eyes, Full Hearts, Zero Fucks Motel Style Keychain




Empowered Women Empower Women And Also Meet in the Dead of Night Feminist Dog Tag Keychain




Good As Gold Stamped Bar Keychain in Gold




Hello Weekend Stamped Bar Keychain in Rose Gold



Fuck This Bullshit Yellow Glitter Motel Style Keychain



Call Your Mom Stamped Keytag



Don't Make Me Turn This Car Around Hand Stamped Brass Keytag



You Are Solid Gold Motel Style Keychain



One Hell Of A Lady Motel Key Tag



Those are just a few ideas for small items to delight your friends and family this holiday season. And of course, cute tiny gifts aren't just for stuffing in a ceremonial sock at Christmas – mini gifts are appropriate anytime you just want to give a little something. Check out even more stocking stuffers here.

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