This Small Business Saturday, Peek Inside Our Brooklyn Warehouse | GetBullish Office Holiday Behind the Scenes

This Small Business Saturday, peek inside our warehouse here on the Brooklyn waterfront!

GetBullish began in 2010 as an advice column by founder Jennifer D. about women, careers, and entrepreneurship. As the column gained fans, it was followed by an annual conference – and a capsule collection of feminist-focused totes, mugs, and accessories.

As the brand grew, the product collection did as well, and Jen discovered that writing funny, trenchant slogans was at least as gratifying as writing articles. One night she printed a keychain with “We will dance on the graves of the patriarchy and drink the bitter tears of mediocre men” – and a little bit of history was made as thousands of women have snatched up those keychains and gifted them to friends.

Today the store offers over 5,000 items, all in a sunny little warehouse here in Sunset Park:


Here's a little tour of Industry City:  

@getbullish She’s touring the facilty and picking up slack 🎶 #cake #shortskirtlongjacket #industrycity #brooklyn #tour ♬ original sound - getbullish


One of our order packers printing out shipping labels.

The stuff! It goes in the boxes!

A lot of cursing going on here (the ornament says "Smash the Fucking Patriarchy" on the other side).


Taking orders down to the USPS truck on a normal day...


The glamour!!! Founder Jen D. with the mail cart.

How do we organize all the stuff? Sometimes like this!


@getbullish How would you organize 4000 SKUs??? #organizing #warehouse #warehouselife #organization #getbullish #bts #smallbusinessowner #shelves ♬ original sound - getbullish
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