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Please allow us to use this blog post to answer some Frequently Asked Questions about dish and tea towels. Including, oddly enough....

What kitchen towels does Ina Garten use?

Ina Garten, host of the Food Network program Barefoot Contessa, is famously a fan of white cotton dish towels because they cut down on paper towel use and can be washed and re-used indefinitely. We love that too, but our rude tea towels from Driftless are also made of white cotton and add a little humor to the situation.  

Why is it called a Tea Towel?

A tea towel is described as "a fabric for drying dishes" by Merriam-Webster. Tea towels, which are frequently made of linen, cotton, or a combination of the two, have their origins in England in the 18th century, when they were used to cover baked pastries, dry fine china, and insulate teapots during tea ceremonies (thus the name). During this time, people practiced needlework on tea towels and frequently gave friends and family tea towels that they had embroided with flowers, initials, or other motifs. Tea towels have evolved along with the times; by the 19th and 20th centuries, it is said that most tea towels were manufactured with striped or checked fabric for a more beautiful touch.

Are you seeking for humorous kitchen towels with wise sayings or captions that make a pun? Check out these feisty kitchen towels, or occasionally rude tea towels, that make great gifts. You'll have a blast looking at our ultimate collection of funny towels with sayings.

Antisocial Ant Dish Cloth Towel | Novelty Rude Tea Towels

A kitchen towel made of cotton and linen with an embroidered "Antisocial" pun and vintage-inspired ant patterns all over it. Has a cotton tape loop for hanging convenience in the corner. The box for this humorous hand towel includes a cardboard hanger with a hole for hanging it on a rack.

I Hope Your Day Is As Nice As Your Butt Hand Towel

This cotton kitchen towel is perfect for anyone who loves to use humor in the kitchen. This towel is a hand towel that can be used as a dishcloth, as well.

The slogan "I hope your day is as nice as your butt" is featured and the absorbent terry bottom layer makes it- and you- extra comfy. 

Whether you need to dry your hands, your dogs or your butt, this rude tea towel will always come in handy!

Woven jacquard dish or tea towel reads "Name One Thing Better Than Coffee, You Fucking Can't."

Surprise parties? Nope. World peace? Nope. Mashed potatoes? Tough call, actually, but still nope.

This towel features a clever design when folded, and then unfolds to show an attractive pattern all over. Woven jacquard makes for a much softer towel than other designs that are screen printed.

What is the American word for tea towel?

A dishtowel is the American definition and synonyms of tea towel from the online English dictionary from Macmillan Education.

A dish cloth, dish towel, or kitchen towel is a small piece of fabric used for drying dishes, wiping up spills, and cleaning surfaces. It is typically made from cotton or linen and is available in a variety of colors and patterns. While the term "tea towel" is sometimes used interchangeably with these other terms, it specifically refers to a cloth used for drying tea cups and saucers.

Clean up after yourselves, House Elves don’t work here…

What is the difference between dish towels and kitchen towels?

Towels come in a wide variety of varieties when it comes to kitchen linen. Dish towels and kitchen towels, however, are frequently mistaken. So what makes the two different from one another? The size and fabric of dish towels are often smaller and thinner. These are made to keep your hands dry while cooking and to dry dishes. On the other hand, kitchen towels are bigger and composed of a thicker substance. When choosing which kind of towel to use, it's crucial to think about the chores you'll be using it for, such as wiping down countertops and cleaning up spills. A kitchen towel is definitely your best option if you need something strong that can manage more difficult cleaning tasks.

Bring a fun and snarky attitude to your kitchen with the My Dog And I Talk Shit About You dish cloth towel! This rustic-inspired cotton dish towel features a friendly, yet sassy sentiment that will make your dog-loving friends chuckle. Perfect for any chef, baker, or cook in your life who wants to add some personality to their kitchen decor. The machine-washable design measures 28" x 28", making it perfect for wiping down countertops and dishes alike. Get your sassy sidekick now and start talking shit about everyone with one of the funniest profanity dish towels!

Are you a dog lover and a chef extraordinaire? Then this Fetch It Yourself Dish Cloth Towel is just the thing you need! This rustic-inspired cotton kitchen towel features a fun "Fetch It Yourself" sentiment along with playful dog and paw print designs throughout. Soft, absorbent, and machine-washable, this 28" square dish cloth is perfect for any cook or mom who loves their pup. So why fetch it yourself when you can get this novelty tea towel instead?

What is the best kitchen dish towel?

In terms of materials, the best dish towels are comprised of strong, absorbent materials that can endure many washings. Common alternatives include cotton, linen, and microfiber.

They're functional, super absorbent, eco-friendly screen printed, and feature the patented Hang Tight Towel Loop.

Perfect for a bathroom or bar.

These pun-intended, raunchy, vulgar hand towels add personality to your home, and make unique gifts!

This funny towel is made with 100% terry cloth cotton.

When you're a woman, there's always somebody asking you about your relationship. It's been five years and nothing is happening or You haven't met the right guy yet? When you need to roll your eyes, simply use this dish towel to have a little coffee (or tea) break from all the chatter. 

How do you write on a towel?

Nothing beats a well-written towel! It's absolutely worth the time to take the effort to write on one because a decent towel can make all the difference in your kitchen. 

Here's how:

  1. Pick a tea towel of decent quality. While writing on it, you want one that is absorbent and won't bleed through.
  2. Choose your ink. The greatest results can be obtained by using kitchen linen ink, which is created specifically for use on towels.
  3. On the towel, scribble your name,  a funny statement or a catchy phrase. To avoid soaking through to the other side, use a delicate touch. 
  4. Before using the towel, let the ink completely dry. Smudging isn't exactly what you want!

Take a trip down memory lane with this whimsical dish cloth towel. Featuring an all-over retro-inspired pattern and a fun "Once Upon A Time I Was Sweet And Innocent And Then Shit Happened" sentiment, this cotton kitchen towel is perfect gift for moms, grandmothers and ladies of all ages. Crafted from machine-washable cotton, this 28" x 28" towel is sure to bring a friendly touch to any kitchen. This is a perfect example of rude tea towels and towels with funny sayings.

"I hate when I go to the kitchen for food and all I find are ingredients."

With the help of this chic and useful Don't Be Gross - Wash Your Hands in Retro Design Hand Towel, keep your kitchen as clean and sanitary as possible. This soft and absorbent two-ply cotton and terrycloth towel is ideal for mopping up spills or drying off after a rigorous hand wash. It's a terrific addition to any cook mom or chef's kitchen thanks to the cute retro style that blends seamlessly with the humorous "Don't Be Gross Wash Your Hands" theme. Also, it makes keeping those hands clean simpler than ever thanks to its sewn loop for simple hanging. Certainly one of the wackiest vulgar dish towels.

What towels are best for kitchen?

Nothing compares to the sensation of a brand-new towel, do you think? But, not all kitchen towels are made equally. There are a few distinct towel kinds that are more appropriate for particular kitchen duties. Here is a list of the top kitchen towels, regardless of what you plan to use them for.

If you need to wipe down countertops and surfaces, you'll need a microfiber cloth. These are super absorbent and will pick up even the tiniest crumbs. You can dry dishes with a cotton tea towel if you like, too. They're absorbent and lint-free, so your dishes will be spotless. Lastly, if you want something tough enough to scrub pots and pans, go for a sponge towel. They have more texture, so you can use them for tougher tasks.

So stock up and enjoy the amazing feeling of using a brand new towel every time you step into your kitchen, no matter what your needs are.

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