Handkerchiefs, the Old-Timey Accessory You Didn't Know You Needed

Handkerchiefs! Today, the hankie is perhaps most often used as a wedding accessory for the tender-heared to dab their beautiful happy tears.

According to Merriam-Webster, a handkerchief is "a small usually square piece of cloth used for usually personal purposes (such as blowing the nose) or as a clothing accessory."

But some of us old broads, myself included, just need to mop up our boob sweat.

Or, you know, it's flu season. Be a flu fighter! Don't like dainty floral prints? Try a very butch plaid Snot Rag.

Enjoy these handkerchiefs, for yourself, for your hilarious wedding, or for a unique gift that will not soon be forgotten.

(Fun fact: also according to the dictionary, the plural of "handkerchief" is "handkerchiefs" but also "handkerchieves," which is WILD, man. Wild.)


Mop up those salty-ass tears! Or your classy bitch snot! We're practically hysterical. Shop handkerchiefs here.
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