Grrl Power Gifts for Teens (No Cuss Words!)

Being a teenager is rough. Add topics like gender, identity, and an outdated patriarchal government into the mix and you can only imagine the struggle. Today's teens are fighting boundaries, pushing limits, and disregarding prejudices. We've rounded up a collection of "Grrrl Power Gifts" that are sassy and fun. 



Grrrl Power Socks and Goodies from BlueQ

Grrrl Power means celebrating women for their incredible strength, perseverance, and fierceness.  It's so important to recognize young women for their confidence and independence.  Growing up female means dealing with unfair expectations and constant double standards.  Encourage the teens in your life to demand more, demand better.  Check out these fun finds from BlueQ that project pride, empowerment, and some serious Grrrl Power! We've also added a few items that are just plain clean fun.




Black Girl Magic by Effie's Paper

Celebrate the beauty, power, and resilience of Black women with the "Black Girl Magic" collection by Effie's Paper.  






The Future is Feline by Yellow Owl Workshop

The Future is Feline collection by Yellow Owl Workshop is a super fun, feel-good collection of accessories that will make you smile.  Sometimes you just need a reminder that you are awesome.


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