Funniest Refrigerator Magnets for Your Fridge or Your Loved Ones

Are you a memomagnetist? 

It has such a nice ring to it, right? It’d actually sounds like some hifalutin scientific role of some kind at NASA or Area 51.

Well. the truth is truly so far off from reality and is not as complicated as it sounds though. Let me tell you why. If you are a hobbyist and are a collector of stamps, people call you a philatelist. On the other hand, numismatists are coin collectors. With this same line of thought...

A Memomagnetist is in fact a person whose hobby is to collect magnets. We won’t judge you though. Heck, we all have our own deep, dark, weird kinks and quirks. Don’t ask us what Maschalagnia and Plushophilia is. We’d rather keep that to ourselves.

The good news is that in our book, there’s no better way to start your collection (or upgrade it) than by getting yourself armed with our best and funniest collection of fridge magnets on the planet. Check them out!

Therapy and Anxiety Themed Magnets





Dog and Cat Lover Magnets





Motherfuckering and Other Sweary Magnets





Politics and Feminism Magnets





I'm Getting Old and Everything Hurts





Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Princess Leia

Why do these people go together? They just do, trust us. 





Magnets have been around for centuries and with the collection that you've just seen, they won't lack their uses anytime soon. No holiday is too special for any of these items. Be sure to get a bunch and share that magnet love around. Keep a stash if you'd like, in case you forget someone's special day. Poof! Pop these and your hide and your soul's saved for another day. You're welcome!



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