Did You Know They Make A Button For That?

If one more person tells me to “Have Faith Over Fear” while I’m in the grocery store wearing my two masks, team Moderna with hand sanitizer hanging from my keychain, I think I might fucking scream. Well, I just discovered they make a button for that. And in this case, "they" is a brand called Word for Word.

Several buttons, in fact. Grabbing wallet, keys, Atheist button, Vaccinated button, (Um, what else do I want to communicate to people today without actually having to communicate?). Oh, yeah Black Lives Matter, Health Care Is A Human Right, Feminist, and Don’t Bother. That about covers my mood today (and every day, really).

Now, when I was pregnant and just the smell of water made me vomit, this undoubtedly cool Morning Sickness button would have really come in handy when Bobby was heating up his leftover Tilapia. I mean, Bobby would have probably still heated up his Tilapia (and even offered to share), but at least everybody would have known why I was throwing up in the very public trashcan.

If I had to list these buttons in order of value, I may just put this They/Them button right at the top. Can I tell you how tiring it is to watch my friends constantly correct people on their pronouns? I mean, come on! Following that is this fucking hilarious Top/Bottom button. I’m just imagining all of the first date conversations that now don’t have to take place.

Last, but most certainly not least, is this Ugh! Pin, for everybody that is just over all this bullshit.


Of course, those are just my faves, but you can check out our entire collection of Word for Word buttons and pins here.

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