Bathroom Gifts for People with an Immature Sense of Humor

Sophomoric humor  - this is the term for humor which is juvenile. It is a type of comedy that often includes toilet humor based on a silly sense of immaturity. 

Just like these toilet accessories below. Don't be shy. As the children's book says: everybody poops.




El Arroyo Funny Signs 3-Ply Toilet Paper Toilet Paper Roll -$1.99


It's petty, and it's funny, and it gets you clean. There's nothing wrong with having tiny hands -- unless you also have toxic masculinity, I guess.



 Gay Bar Soap - $7.95

 Feeling gay? Wanna go to a gay bar? Or just suds up with one? 




Uranus Lavatory Mist in Meyer Lemon, Bergamot and Rose Scent

Uranus Lavatory Mist  - $11.99



Marie Antoilette Lavatory Mist with Lilac and Cherry Blossoms Scent

Marie Antoilette Lavatory Mist  - $9.99 


Baby's Head Smell Lavatory Mist Scent

Baby's Head Smell Lavatory Mist - $9.99



Fifty Shades of Brown Lavatory Mist - $12.99

No Shit Sherlock Lavatory Mist - $12.99

Air freshener is always nice. Better than most bathroom smells, anyway. MAYBE YOUR BATHROOM SHOULD SMELL LIKE URANUS. We're not above a Uranus joke. It's been orbiting our minds all day. We've got space for it. Make sure you spray right after you blast off that toilet. We could do this for hours.



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