3 Hilarious Items Truly Worthy of Your Victorian Sensibilities

It is a truth universally acknowledged, that an erudite shopper in possession of a reasonable number of dollars, must be in want of some absolutely ridiculous items reminiscent of Victorian times. And here we are!

Jane Austen Temporary Tattoos


Have you the sense and sensibility to appreciate the true delight of a Jane Austen 22 pack of temporary tattoos, one of which loudly proclaims "IMPRUDENT"?

In a gift tin, even! For hilarious gifting, or for adorning your bicep with Mr. Darcy.




Leech Funny Novelty Bandages


Feeling under the weather? What you need is a good bleeding. With leeches! Leeches have been used in medicine for over 2,500 years, and during the Victorian era were used to treat ailments from tonsillitis to hemorrhoids to ... well, frankly, everything. Sometimes you got leeches without anyone bothering to really figure out what the problem was.

These, though, are just leech bandages. They actually help STOP bleeding, ironically enough. But they look AMAZING. People will definitely do a double-take when you wear one of these.




Emily Dickinson Lavender Air Freshener


Emily Dickinson offered referred to floral scents in her poetry, once writing:

Essential Oils—are wrung—
The Attar from the Rose
Be not expressed by Suns—alone—
It is the gift of Screws—

The General Rose—decay—
But this—in Lady’s Drawer
Make Summer—When the Lady lie
In Ceaseless Rosemary—

This is a lavender air freshener you can hang in your car, to give off a subtle sapphic vibe while telling people you are the sort of person who likes poetry and a fresh-scented vehicle. It also makes a funny literary gift or stocking stuffer.



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