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Creating the Perfect Workspace

Posted by Jennifer Dziura on

The Bullish Bloggers have been posting about their Perfect Workspaces, and it got me thinking...

If you're like Katie and do a lot of reading with wine in a bubble bath, it's not really computer-friendly. The Grass is Greener Pen Set will let you take handwritten notes in style.

If, like Caitlyn, you do your best work outside the house, keep your dignity – and power-cords! – handy wherever you're working with the Elegance Hacking Handbag Organizer.


If you'd rather join Lula as she sings the praises of sparkly kitten stickers, check out our Monthly Planners, which come with stickers of kittens, cupcakes and "Don't cry" bubbles.

If like Jamie your ideal workspace is a quiet mind, control your surroundings – and maybe bring peace of mind? – with The Redesigned Shimmer BULL-ETIN Board.

And if Melissa's various bullish workspaces speak to you, you can always have a GetBullish Bull Handbag Charm to inspire you to bad@ss heights!


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